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Hello & Welcome friend!

Komorebi Fluent.

I'm here to empower you, language aficionado, to kick-start your language learning journey with love, grace, & laughter.

Did you know...

According to the article, "America's Lacking Language Skills" written for The Atlantic by Amelia Friedman, in 2008 an impressive 93 percent of schools in the US offered foreign languages, however, today LESS THAN 1 percent of American adults are actually proficient in a foreign language that they studied in a US classroom.

You don't want to be apart of that statistic? This is why I am here! Schedule a strategy call with me and I will help you establish a routine that will make sure you not only succeed, but thrive in your target language! 

Feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed? Don't know how to
move forward & have fun along the way?

I know all about the hundreds of cold resources & the gazillion tips that get thrown our way as language learners. With almost 4 million apps total in just the Google Play Store and 240,000 of those are education apps according to an article written by Avinash Sharma for Appinventiv, a category that many language learning apps are apart of, on top of the millions of textbooks & tutors, it can be overwhelming trying to decide even where to start! I'm here to make this experience as fun, engaging & transformative as possible while helping you wade through all the nonsense to figure out what works best for you.


Plug-and-play experiential learning


Fun & engaging resources


Tailored to you & YOUR needs

Many people they don't even understand more than basic phrases!

From the article, "Do young people care about learning foreign languages?" by Holly Young from The Guardian, On average about 75 percent of students in the UK admitted that they don't feel confident in their abilities in their target language and struggle to understand anything more than basic phrases! Don't let this become you too! 


I started off knowing ZERO French... spending 2 months in France with a host family that spoke no English and traveling to this stunning destination in Gavarnie. 

Learning another language increases your prospects at a job and, according to, can earn you up to 20% more than someone who is doesn't know another language. It also increases your ability to travel the world and do more of what you love!

Hi, I'm Rebecca!

Just like you, I'm obsessed with languages! I started my love affair with them at 12 years of age with an endangered Indigenous language, Cherokee. Ever since, I've cultivated my knowledge in 4+ languages, namely: Romanian, Japanese, French and German while dreaming of Cherokee, ASL and Dzongkha. I've done it all - from formal schooling to higher education, traveling the world, self-learning, to coaching. I am now launching my own language coaching company. It is my life's truest passion & honor to share what I've learned over the years with you. Welcome to my world!

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Products & Services.

Beyond coaching, I also develop products for language aficionados like you. My newest addition to my offerings is my holistic quarterly planner for language learners who want to connect who they are at their core with the language(s) they're learning. It is out now! And feel free to sign up to my newsletter below to be kept in the loop about products to come and exciting new changes that are happening!  

Testimonials coming soon!

Coming soon!

Testimonials coming soon!

Coming soon!

Testimonials coming soon!

Coming soon!


Are you ready for THE language learning experience of a lifetime?

Can I get a heck yeah!

In an article by Barrett Wissman for Entrepreneur, he mentions that The American Society of Training and Development found when people have an accountability partner to confide their goals in, they are 65 percent more likely to complete that goal and their chances of success increase to 95 percent when they check in regularly with their partner about their progress.

Let me be you're accountability buddy and make sure you reach your goals!

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